1_Hello, Welcome to Serendipity

Welcome to our new Serendipity “EveryDay Goatmilk Soap Blog

My name is Ness Randall and along with my husband Bill, we are very excited to not only have our new website up and running but also to be able to share with you each on a personal basis and generally as a whole, so much of what we have learned over the last 12years of making our soap with real farm fresh goats milk, not powdered, not canned or tetra packed.  The amount of ideas, how-to’s and inspiration whirling around in my head is ready to jump out.

We are very passionate about soap so wanted to welcome you and let you know how much we appreciate you spending time here at the Serendipity Blog very much.  Everyone is so busy and life moves pretty fast, so we really do appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to check out our blog!

Another thing we will always appreciate is your feedback to the blog articles.  If you have any comments or suggestions we welcome them and would love to hear them.  Not that all criticism is a fun thing but honestly, unless you tell us how are we to know, may seem fine to us but not to you, and you are the heart of our business.

We will always do our very best to bring you content that will interest you and have you thinking (hopefully) “I didn’t know that”!!!  We do promise to be honest when answering your questions, and will never suggest anything to you or for you that we haven’t either tried ourselves or friends have tried, believe in or have researched and know the facts about.  We will always research our posts and bring you content that we believe is honest and real.

What you can expect to read and learn about from our posts will be fun, interesting and remember if you want to know anything at all – just ask.

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